Summary report of the 9th World Convention of HIDA-AOTS Alumni Societies

5.Success Story Contest

(1)Sponsor:Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)

(2)Co-Sponsors:25 companies

(3)Audience members (Japanese and Various Embassies in Japan):116

(4)Grand Prize Selection Committee Members:
・Professor Emeritus, Tokyo University of Technology Dr. Hiromitsu Muta
・Spouse of Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe Mrs. Akie Abe
・Professor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies Prof. Izumi Ohno
・Director, Technical Cooperation Division, Trade and Economic Cooperation
Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)
Mr. Yuzo Goto

(5)Selection Results: Grand Prize Winners (3 presenters)                                                     Mr. Sarath Buddhadasa(Sri Lanka) Story Summary
                                                  Mr. Paulo Cesar S. Camargo(Brazil) Story Summary
                                     Akie Abe Special Award Winner (1presenter)
                                                  Ms. Tatiana Boyadjieva(Bulgaria) Story Summary

13:00 – 13:10     Opening Address(President Kazuo Kaneko)

13:10 – 14:30     Success Story Contest Part 1
Story 1 “Unleashing the entrepreneur within; the HIDA/AOTS inspiration…” Mr. Balapitiya Hewage Prasantha Kularatna
(Sri Lanka)
Story 2 “Mold your dreams with a“never-give-up” spirit” Mr. Paulo Cesar S. Camargo (Brazil)
Story 3  “Dreams are Achievable! – A dream to lead and be distinguished” Mr. Tariq Ahmed Khan (Pakistan)
Story 4 “Cross-cultural understanding helped me catch my dream: Localized operation of a Vietnamese company solely executed by former HIDA/AOTS training participants” Mr. Pham Dinh Luat (Vietnam)
Story 5  “MAPLE’s Success Story” Ms. Win Ei Khine (Myanmar)

14:50 – 16:10     Success Story Contest Part 2
Story 6 “The Green Landmark” Mr. Rogelio SP. Lim
Story 7 “HIDA/AOTS Training has Significant Impact on Leadership Development” Mr. Phongstorn Ermongkonchai
Story 8 “New Business Creation in the SME sector using learning experiences of AOTS/PSRE program:A case of how the Ex-Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE) militants were trained to become entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka” Mr. Sarath Buddhadasa
(Sri Lanka)
Story 9 “Development of the HR profession for a whole country thanks to AOTS - the ripple effect of HIDA/AOTS training for Bulgaria” Ms. Tatiana Boyadjieva
Story 10 “Building Successful Business in India with Japanese Partnership” Mr. Tarun Lamba

16:10 – 16:35      Introduction of Prominent Alumni Society Members who contributed their Success Stories
                          (Representative Speech: BAAS Honorary Adviser Dr. AKM Moazzem Hussain)
16:35 – 16:50     Announcement of grand prize winners, Certificate Awarding
16:50 – 17:05     Comments from Grand Prize Selection Committee Members
17:05 – 17:15     Closing Address (Director, Technical Cooperation Division, Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau,
                         Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, Mr. Yuzo Goto)
 Success Story Presenters and
the Grand Prize Selection Committee Members
Grand Prize Winner receiving trophy from Ms. Akie
Abe, Grand Prize Selection Committee member