ARI Profile

ARI Profile

Name AOTS Research Institute (ARI)
Founded April, 2013

AOTS Research Institute (ARI) was founded in April 2013 as a division of the Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnerships (abbreviation: AOTS) that was established in 1959.

Representative Shinya Kuwayama, President
Location 30-1 Senjuazuma 1-chome, Adachi-ku, Tokyo 120-8534
Purpose of establishment In recent years, Japanese companies have increasingly accelerated to expand overseas business especially in emerging countries. Under such situation, “we highly dedicate a network of overseas human resources in industry to Japanese companies to support their expansion overseas”, which AOTS has cultivated through training program for over 50 years. That is the purpose of establishing ARI.

Advantage of ARI

  • network

    Japanophile human resources in industry in 71 regions in 43 countries (AOTS Alumni)
    We have a close network mainly in Southeast Asia and South Asia, and also countries in South America, Africa, Middle East and Europe.
  • connection

    We can cover a wide range of industries, regions, and specific products
    In addition to a wide range of a manufacturing industry such as industrial machine, automobile, and precision apparatus, we also build a connection with a variety of service industry such as bank, insurance and consultation.
  • coordinator

    Quick respond from experienced ARI consultant/coordinator
    We closely associate with overseas counterpart and respond to the request of customers quickly.