AOTS Alumni Network

AOTS Alumni Network

AOTS Alumni is the NGO which was voluntarily organized in various places around the world by trainees who went back to their countries after being trained in Japan and united on the basis of common experience as AOTS. As in September 2016, AOTS Alumni is organized in 71 regions in 43 countries and is dedicated to the economic and industrial development of their own countries and to the enhancement of friendly relations with Japan and other countries.

AOTS have provided training program for over 50 years and more than 370,000 people in total have participated. (Training in Japan: more than 180,000 people, overseas training: more than 190,000 people)

AOTS training participants learn techniques as technical experts but there are also many top managers and executive managers who conduct business in every industry. In addition, many people who participated as technical expert at the time of training now succeed in every industry as top manager and executive manager.

ARI associates with AOTS Alumni, makes effective use of such network of human resources in industry, and support Japanese companies to expand overseas.