Message from ARI President

Message from ARI President


Connect People, Connect Companies

As a result of the advancement of globalization in recent years, the economic growth of developing countries with a focus on emerging countries is astonishing.

In order to take such the economic growth of developing countries in the growth of own companies, Japanese companies, including small and medium-sized enterprises, is expanding overseas development day by day.

However, many Japanese companies face various problems to conquer in the processes to advance overseas development, including the difference in languages, ways of thinking, and business practices in overseas; market information; discovery of overseas partners; development of local employees; and localization of management.

Through the private-sector-based technical cooperation in developing countries over a half century in the past, we, the Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnerships (AOTS), have engaged in human resource development of corporate management executives and engineers, stretching to 380 thousand people in total in more than 190 countries and regions.

They have voluntarily organized AOTS alumni in various around the world based on the training experience in Japan as the common basis, expanding to 43 countries and 71 regions. These Alumni, being composed of Japanophiles and Japanologists, are actively advancing the activities in each country to spread technologies, knowledge, and Japanese language that they learned in Japan, as well as cultural exchange activities between Japan. These activities have been highly evaluated by the government and business community of each country. In addition, in recent years, the voice demanding the business with Japanese companies is growing from the companies run by the members.

Consequently, AOTS established AOTS Research Institute (ARI) within the organization three years ago. It carries out various projects such as information dissemination, surveys, and matching in relation to overseas business, with the aim of supporting the overseas development of Japanese companies in corporation with the “Japanophiles’ industrial human resources network” held by each of the alumni.

In the future, as the economy becomes more and more global, all the staff of AOTS Research Institute, intend to unite to work on each project towards the realization of coexistence between overseas and Japan, through supporting overseas development of these Japanese companies. We would greatly appreciate your exceptional guidance and encouragement.

Shinya Kuwayama
AOTS Research Institute
(President of AOTS)
Shinya Kuwayama