International Market Research

International Market Research

AOTS Research Institute makes effective use of AOTS’s “human network”
to conduct questionnaire survey and research overseas.

We conduct questionnaire and research in accordance with the request of Japanese companies
such as local economic situation, market environment and trend, grasp of customer needs,
and different way of thinking in cross culture. They can use the result of survey in various purposes.

Market Research

Research on local situation and human resources (Vietnam)Research on local situation and human resources (Vietnam)

Main target countries

Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, People’s Republic of China, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Mexico and so on

※We can conduct the questionnaire and research in other countries than the above.

Example of themes for overseas questionnaire survey

Example 1)
What Japan-made merchandise appeals to sort of a social class in a target country? We also want to know the market trend in capital region and the second largest city.
Example 2)
We want to know the graduate labor trend in a target country. We also want to have a chance to talk with answerers who are interested in working in Japanese companies. (Interview is to be held in local language.)
Example 3)
We want to ask companies of certain fields in a target country how they think about and are interested in outsourcing service.