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“The HIDA Executive Program on Quality Management (HIDA-EPQM)” is an intensive training program designed and conducted with Dr. Noriaki Kano serving as the Program Director, who is one of the most prominent figures in the TQM filed in the world. This program is designed for top managers and executives at private companies to learn how to develop and implement a quality-oriented management strategy through introduction and promotion of TQM (Total Quality Management) that increases customer satisfaction and raises profitability.
The objective of this course is to promote changes in the ways of thinking of top managers who are trying to make use of TQM (Company-Group-Wide Total Quality Management) in order to implement a management strategy that increases customer satisfaction through increases in product quality and service quality improvements and achieves customer delight as well as sustainable corporate growth. The EPQM program has been held for the benefit of top managers and executives in all countries.
As well as lectures by a team of instructors who are world authorities on TQM (headed by Dr. Kano) and the recounting of the real life experiences of top executives of excellent companies, the course consists of discussions and visits to companies. This year’s program was organized with the participation of 23 individuals from 13 countries as per the following schedule (from 18 to 25 May, 2016). Even though the schedule of the program was very tight, participants could learn the effectiveness of TQM in achieving a challenging, customer-oriented management strategy by participating actively in discussions and so forth. 

【Major Participants】
Country Business type Number of employees Position
Egypt Electric power equipment 50 Vice Chairman
Ghana Manufacturer of pharmaceuticals 275 CEO
Philippines Manufacturer of automotive parts 30 President
India Manufacturer of automotive parts 1,500 Director-Operation
Indonesia Manufacturer of cosmetics products 1,500 Director-Operation
Turkey Consulting 42 Board Member
China (Taiwan) Manufacturer of electrical circuits 2,976 Vice President

May 18 (WED) Lecture: Quality Assurance Lecture: Quality Assurance, Business and TQM
May 19 (THU) Lecture: Quality Theory Lecture: Management Theory, Improvement
May 20 (FRI) Lecture: Quality Innovation and Strategic Management by Policy Lecture: TQM Vehicles (1)
- Outline/Daily Management -
May 21 (SAT) Lecture from Company Top Executive:
The Essence of Management (Executives) to Promote TQM
Lecture: TQM Vehicles (2)
- Policy Management/CFM -
May 22 (SUN) Move to Chubu Area, City Tour, etc.
May 23 (MON) Company Visit and Lecture
May 24 (TUE) Lecture: TQM Vehicles (3)
- QC Circle -
Company Visit: QC Circle Activities and its Promotion
May 25 (WED) Lecture: How to Promote TQM Final Discussion:
Overall Q&A Session

【Voices of Participants】
EPQM 2016 was a splendid program giving us opportunities to identify and check the current level of our know-how. We learnt different aspects on TQM such as the ways of management at every hierarchical level, process improvement and personnel alignment, product and service quality, QC circles, work place culture and how to tackle with obstacles on our journey of continuous improvement. The lecturers were precious enough to impart know-how and experience. We also had site visits to factories to see real examples.
EPQM was such an excellent program that now I understand TQM very well at the levels of policy making and implementation. The lecturers were fantastic enough to know all about TQM from philosophy to execution. This well designed program included company visits. We were able to directly see how TQM worked in such a large scale of operation. We wish to send our more senior or middle managers for similar programs in the near future.

【Introduction to the Program Director】
Dr. Noriaki Kano
Dr. Noriaki Kano
Professor Emeritus, Tokyo University of Science
Honorary Chairperson, Asian Network for Quality (ANQ)
Chairperson, Selection Committee for Deming Prize for Individuals
Board Member, Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE)
Honorary member, Japanese Society for Quality Control (JSQC)
Honorary Member, International Academy for Quality (IAQ)
Honorary Member, the American Society for Quality (ASQ)
Foreign Honorary Adviser, China Association for Quality (CAQ)
Committee Member, Deming Application Prize (1978 -2010), Chairperson (2004-2007)
President (2000-2002), Japanese Society for Quality Control (JSQC)
Auditor, Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd. (2003-2009)
Board Director, Komatsu Co., Ltd. (2008-2014)
Chair Professor, Chung Yuan Christian University (Taiwan) (2006 -2012)

Dr. Kano is one of the most prominent figures in the TQM field in Japan. His numerous research results, such as “The House of TQM” and “Attractive Quality and Must-Be Quality (Kano Model)”, and “The Task Achieving QC Story” have brought him an international reputation. He has published more than 300 research papers and books. He is renowned throughout the world as the founder of the “Kano Model.” He was awarded the 1997 Deming Prize for Individuals by the Deming Prize Committee (JUSE), the 1997 Deming Lecturer by the American Statistical Association (ASA), the 2002 E. Jack Lancaster Medal and the 2006 E. L. Grant Medal by the American Society for Quality (ASQ), the 2009 Distinguished Service Medal, the highest distinction for service from ASQ for the lifetime contribution to the quality movement. In 2009, the Kano Quality Award was established by the Technology Promotion Association in Thailand for excellent and successful companies in management based on TQM. In 2010, Ishikawa-Kano Award named after Dr. Kano has been established by the Asian Network for Quality (ANQ) for individuals who have made great contribution to the development of quality in Asia.

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The total number of persons who have participated in AOTS training program from over 190 countries and regions is approximately 380,000. “Alumni” is the NGO that is voluntarily organized overseas by trainees who finished their training in Japan and went back to their countries. This NGO is a network of human resources in industry including top managers and executive managers.
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