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On Sept. 12, 2018, Mr. Pak, Chong-hwa, the President of the Korea Association of Overseas Technical Scholarship (KAOTS), visited Tokyo Kenshu Center (TKC) to discuss and exchange opinions with AOTS executives, and later, he attended a get-together with staff.
Mr. Pak mentioned, when he participated in the AOTS program in 1982, besides all the classes, he could deepen friendships and become more of a fan of AOTS through the baseball games he played with the AOTS baseball club team members and all the functions he participated in. He insisted that current participants should take advantage of these opportunities to deepen friendships with AOTS staff and join the alumni society after they go back to their country. Most of the KAOTS members are getting old now, so he is hoping that a greater number of younger people will participate in the AOTS program and join the KAOTS so that he can hand over the alumni activities.
Moreover, Mr. Pak expressed his desire to strengthen the network among the AOTS former participants all over the world, especially, with those who are engaged in the area of intellectual property. Since business beyond borders is inevitable today, we need to search for trustworthy partners overseas. He insisted that it might be easier to look for business opportunities online; however, we should be able to trust each other even more if we get connected through our common experience as former participants of AOTS courses.
It was a fruitful meeting and we had a very good time with Mr. Pak and through this we could know his personality more and learn of his great love for the AOTS as well.
(Reported by AOTS Global Strategy Group)
<<Mr. Pak, Chong-hwa>>
-Had technical training and learned programming at International Systems Development Co., Ltd. for 2 years from 1982.
-Started his own patent office, “Bell Pak Patent”, and has worked as a patent attorney dealing with patents and trademarks since 1994.
-Served as President of the Korea Association of Overseas Technical Scholarship (KAOTS) since 2007.
Front row center: Mr. Pak

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The Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnerships has established “Alumni Network” in 71 regions in 43 countries through training program for over 50 years.

The total number of persons who have participated in AOTS training program from over 190 countries and regions is approximately 380,000. “Alumni” is the NGO that is voluntarily organized overseas by trainees who finished their training in Japan and went back to their countries. This NGO is a network of human resources in industry including top managers and executive managers.
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