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     The HIDA/ AOTS Alumni Societies that have been voluntarily founded by former HIDA trainees in 71 regions of 43 countries have been convening the World Convention of HIDA/AOTS Alumni Societies on a regular basis. The 9th World Convention has been held on 29 and 30 October 2014 in Tokyo. As part of this Convention, HIDA hosted a Success Story Contest, where 10 presenters were selected from 281 applicants from 48 countries, and invited to present their successful activities after returning to their respective countries after HIDA training. The following is the results and summary report of these events.

     At the opening ceremony, we received a warm congratulatory message from Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Dr. Daishiro Yamagiwa, State Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, attended as a guest, presented the message, and also delivered a congratulatory greeting. In addition, the spouse of the Prime Minister, Mrs. Akie Abe participated in the Success Story Contest as one of the Grand Prize Selection Committee members and awarded the Akie Abe Special Prize as a surprise aside from the three Grand Prizes. These keen interests and warm messages of support from all quarters of Japan gave inspiration and courage to the convention participants from all over the world. This encouraged convention participants to passionately discuss about how to contribute to the strengthening of mutually complementary industrial and economic ties among various countries including Japan.

     Last but not least, we would like to express our heartfelt thank you to everyone that has participated in our Success Story Contest, Welcome Reception, and Farewell Reception.

1.Participating HIDA/AOTS Alumni Societies・Participants:
(1)Representatives of Alumni Societies
              38 countries 60 Alumni Societies
              237 participants
     (Representatives:195, Accompanying members:41)
     ※ Aside from the above participants, there was 1 observer from South Africa
(2)Success Story Contest
     16 participants
     (Success Story Presenters 10, Accompanying members:6)
2.Venue:Iino Hall and Conference Center
3.Dates:October 29 (Wed) ~ October 30 (Thu), 2014
Date Time Contents Venue
Oct. 29
09:00-11:30 Opening Ceremony
- Address by the Representative of HIDA(Chairman Tadashi Okamura)
- Congratulatory message from Prime Minister Abe ※ Please click the link for details (Delivered by・Greetings: State Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Dr. Daishiro Yamagiwa)
- Introduction of participating Alumni Society members (President Kazuo Kaneko)
- Address by the Representative of the Alumni Societies(President of Sao Paulo Alumni Society, Mr. Paulo Hirai)
Iino Hall
10:15-11:00 General Assembly
13:00-17:30 Success Story Contest
※ Please click the link for details
18:30-20:30 Welcome Reception
- Address by the Representative of HIDA(Chairman Okamura)
- Congratulatory Speech
(Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Mr. Shigeki Iwai)
(Ambassador, Embassy of India, H.E. Ms. Deepa Gopalan Wadhwa)
- Toast(Member of the House of Representatives, Mr. Yoshiaki Harada)
- Introduction of Success Story Contest Grand Prize Winners, Representatives of HIDA/AOTS Alumni Society Regional Federations
Oct. 30
09:00-12:00 Theme Discussion
A : Partnership for business exchange and creation
B:Co-development・co-creation partnership
C:South-south cooperative framework promoted by HIDA/AOTS Alumni Societies
D:Partnership for industrial human resource development
Iino Hall
13:00-14:00 Theme Discussion A, B, C, D
(Summarize outcome, draft resolution)
15:00-17:00 Closing General Assembly
- Regional federation Meetings, WNF Management Committee, Report of Theme Discussions
- Presentation and adoption of “Tokyo Resolution 2014” ※ Please click the link for details.
- Address by the Representative of the Alumni Societies(President of the Alumni Society in Sri Lanka, Mr. Athulla R F Edirisinghe)
- Address by the Representative of HIDA(Senior Managing Director, Sadao Takeda)
15:00-15:40 Courtesy visit to State Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Dr. Daishiro Yamagiwa (only selected representatives) Ministry of
Trade, and
18:30-20:30 Farewell Reception Tokyo
    Introduction of participating Alumni
       Societies by President Kaneko
         Greetings from State Minister of
           Economy, Trade and Industry,
             Dr. Daishiro Yamagiwa
            Address by Chairman Okamura
         Parliamentary Vice-Minister of
          Economy, Trade and Industry,
        Mr. Iwai talking with Alumni Society
             members at the Reception
    Courtesy visit to State Minister of
        Economy, Trade and Industry,
                    Dr. Yamagiwa

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The Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnerships has established “Alumni Network” in 71 regions in 43 countries through training program for over 50 years.

The total number of persons who have participated in AOTS training program from over 190 countries and regions is approximately 380,000. “Alumni” is the NGO that is voluntarily organized overseas by trainees who finished their training in Japan and went back to their countries. This NGO is a network of human resources in industry including top managers and executive managers.
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