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At the beginning of January, Thailand’s GDP forecast for 2017 was 2.8%, but this was revised up to 3.2% in March, and then 3.4% in May. This was due to an increase in the number of tourists, exports, consumers, growth in the chemical, petro-chemical, healthcare, banking, and communication sectors, and a big investment in a government project that will enable 24,700 communities to have high-speed Internet access by December 2017.

The Thai government decided on this big project on digital technology to make Thailand move from “Thailand 3.0” to the higher phase “Thailand 4.0.” The government project, called “Net Pracharat”, has the aim of providing high-speed Internet access throughout the nation. In its initial phase, the project was launched in 99 villages across 13 provinces. It is hoped that eventually 2,000 digital community centers nationwide will be connected to the Internet, and Thailand will turn into a digital society and thereby improve its competitiveness.

The project will develop the telecommunication infrastructure of Thailand to increase learning opportunities and improve the quality of education and public health through the access to government services.

The distribution network provides each community with high-speed Internet access (no less than 30 Mbps / 10 Mbps (Download/ Upload)) at no charge.

TOT Public Company Limited, the company which has been assigned to the project, has provided high-speed internet service to 3,000 communities across the country as of May. It is estimated that this will be extended to 8,200 communities by September and 10,601 by December 2017.
" The National Project on Telecommunication Improvement by Moving to Higher Infrastructure Level for Economic Development"
Reported by ABK & AOTS Alumni Association (Thailand)

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