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Proposal Category:    Distributor, Agent, and User
Products Name:    Spray nozzles, humidifier and nozzle-related systems
Company Name:    H. IKEUCHI & CO., LTD
Country / Area:    OSAKA, JAPAN
Target Country / Area:   All Countries (Except Japan)

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        Spray nozzles                                                        Applications
Our company operates the manufacturing and the sales of spray nozzle products, and provide customer solutions business with spray-nozzle-generated fog as our core technologies. Our spray nozzle operations play important roles in supporting the foundations of technical progress in increasingly advanced industrial fields. Regarding customer solutions, we make use of the unique medium of fog in our efforts to propose optimized solutions to combat global warming, solve energy-related problems, fight food shortages or otherwise respond to the needs of society. Both IKEUCHI's spray nozzle operations and customer solutions business activities are vital to the industrial world, and they serve a wide range of industrial fields and applications.

【Feature and Strengths of IKEUCHI】
  • Company Motto:Taking The Path Less Traveled.
    Through the constant exploration of uncharted territory, we are developing and producing highly creative products, and we hope to become the undisputed leader in social contributions by achieving never-before-seen products and pursuing utterly unique business activities.
  • We have more than 60 years of experience in making high quality nozzles, and we are the only company in the industry that provides “precision guarantee.”
  • We have the highest market shares in Japan and Taiwan, extending our own sales network in 9 countries.

【Feature of  Products】
Our high-precision spray nozzles can be used in various industrial field and applications.
  • Cleaning:food, electronics and paper making
  • Cooling: iron and steel, pollution prevention, theme parks, and tourist designations
  • Humidification:electronics, vehicles, printing, medical care, and nursing
  • Others:stock raising, agriculture, food processing and disaster prevention for tanks and plants

Product catalogs are available for download at the following site.


We are looking for partners in the following categories.

 ・Sales agents
 ・Sales distributors
 ・Users wishing to purchase our products

We are flexible in dealing with your enquiry from any countries or regions, industries, or regarding any of our products.  Feel free to contact us.
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