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Kaizen Institute Georgia (KIGE) was founded on 17 May, 2017 in Georgia. It is the first and the only lean management consulting group locally the local licensed representative of the Kaizen Institute International Consulting Group. Kaizen is the Japanese word which means “continuous improvement” and it was introduced to the world in 1985 by Kaizen Institute. In business, KAIZEN refers to activities that continuously improve all functions and involve all employees from the CEO to the assembly line workers. It has been applied in the wide range of business sectors and proved to be the most successful management model.

KIGE has already implemented its consultancy projects and generated vast working experience in banking, HORECA, education, agriculture and IT sectors. Before setting up the Kaizen Institute Georgia, its founders were engaged in management consultancy field through the LLC ‘Management Consulting International’ (MCI) since 2014 for the purpose of assisting Public, Civil and Private sector organizations in identifying existing problems, conducting needs’ assessment, researching alternatives for the problem-solving and delivering sound consultancy work to the beneficiaries and coaching them to improve management capacities. MCI was also service provider for the state subsidy program under the LEPL ‘Agricultural Project’s Management Agency’ (APMA) and prepared business plans for APMA beneficiaries working in agriculture.

Company Description
Business category Lean Management International Consulting Group
Main Products/Services Kaizen Institute Georgia works towards creating long-term customer oriented value within the company and delivers relevant trainings / consultancy work to its clients in the following fields:   
1. Leaders Kaizen - the techniques for elaboration of mission/ vision/ values of the company, develop organizational structure, identify subordinate layers within organization, prepare strategic development and action plans (Hoshin Kanri), divide tasks, assign resources and timeline for each action fulfillment, lead overall corporate governance, financial and personnel management.         
2. Breakthrough Kaizen -  value chain mapping & its continuous improvement, waste identification and resource efficiency, business process optimization/ standardization, project management; Identify niche opportunities for the company growth.                                                                
3. Daily Kaizen – work flow description/ optimization and work process standardization, SDCA (standardize/ do/ check/ act) & PDCA (plan/ do/ check/ act) production/ service Cycle Development, 3C - problem solving, Fishbone – Ishikawa Diagram, 5S – Gemba organization methodology for achieving maximum efficiency.                                                                       
4. Support Kaizen - maintain efficient management tools and sustain achieved results.
Business relationships with overseas countries including Japan Kaizen Institute Georgia (KIGE) is the local licensed representative of the international consulting group 'Kaizen Institute' ( ) presented in 60 countries worldwide. In addition to the 'Kaizen Institute' international network, we are very actively engaged in trade missions with different countries: Germany, Netherlands, Caucasian and Central Asian countries.                           
In 2007 KIGE's founding director - Lali Kipshidze attended the training in Japan on 'Business Management for Caucasian Countries'. The training was so much enlightening for her personally that she got obsessed with the principles of Japanese Management Style immediately. Despite her numerous long & short term educational background in the USA and Europe, JICA funded 1.5 months ‘Business Management’ training in Japan appeared to be life-changing experience for her. Ever since she has always used Kaizen principles in personal and professional life. This professional inspiration pushed her towards joining the international consulting group ‘Kaizen Institute’ based on the Japanese Kaizen methodology. Through this consultancy work KIGE   strongly believes that Kaizen methodology can significantly dedicate to the expansion and growth of the Georgian companies.
Information on former AOTS/HIDA training participants
Training history (year) 2018
Training course 'Executive Program on Corporate Management'
Training topics Corporate Finance
Language Fluent in English and Russian, Very Basic - Japanese, Native - Georgian
Founding Director, Lali Kipshidze (Right) and Foundign Partner, George Jokhadze (Left)

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